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Materia Viva

Arena Eco I’m your
sustainable canvas

Count on me.
I was born ready

Print on me, draw on me, I love type. Imagine a better world on me, I’m happy to help you and the whole planet.

Arena Eco 50

Uncoated, extra-white paper made with 50% recycled fibres. ECF Pulp guaranteed and FSC® certified, with a smooth finishing.

Extra White Smooth Extra White Smooth

GSM: 90 120 140 200 300 350



FSC® MIX The wood or paper used in the product come from FSC® certified material, recycled and/or controlled wooden materials.
Elemental Chlorine Free The pulp is bleached using environment-friendly processes that ensure a maximum content of derived organic chlorine compounds lower than 0.8 kg/ton.
Acid free Use of production processes conducted in acid-free environments, concerning the phases of paper sizing.
Long Life Paper classified as ’long life’ and guaranteeing its durability (ISO 9706 standard)
Heavy Metal Absence Respect the maximum thresholds allowed for heavy metals in packaging and waste from packaging (European Directive 94/62/EC converted into law in Italy by Legislative Decree no. 22 dated 5 February 1997)
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Materia Viva
is our creation

Let us support your sustainable path.


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